Can anyone help write a script which simply Inverts the current selection of Notes?

Use case. I have a long song with 100 notes and want to move ALL of the notes to the right EXCEPT for the first 3. The only way to do this currently are:

a) Zoom out to see all the notes and then Marquee all the required notes, but not ones you don’t want to move. With a long song this is very fiddly since you are zoomed out a lot!.

b) Start a Marquee selection zoomed in and move the cursor to the right hand side of the window. The Piano Roll will autoscroll horizontally, but it’s VERY slow.

I’d like a script which simply deselects my current selection (eg the first 3 notes) and then inverts the selection (eg the originally unselected 97 notes are now selected)

***In an ideal world Synth V would have the same deselect Mouse Modifier operation that most Windows programs use, ie Left Mouse Drag creates a Selection Marquee whilst SHIFT+ Left Mouse Button Deselects from an existing selection. I’m guessing, however that this functionality isn’t available via the API…


Press ctrl+A to select all notes, then while holding ctrl click on the first three notes to remove them from the selection. You can then drag the remaining selection to the right.

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Thanks Claire, I use a lot of your scripts - and thanks for this tip!

It works although sometimes I want to move half of a song (maybe I want to add a chorus) and so may need to deselect say the first 50 notes… again when zoomed out far enough to Marquee them it’s very fiddly.

You can select a range of notes by holding down the SHIFT key while selecting them.
First select the first note, then hold down the Shift key while selecting the last note.
The order of selection is important because if you paste it, the position of the first selected note will be at the position of the playback cursor.

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