Synth V Pro VST Plugin Updates External SVP FIle Even Though You Have Not Saved Changes In DAW Project

I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but, IMHO, could cause problems for people who are unaware of this issue if it is by design.

On my system, at least, the Synth V Pro VST plugin updates a SVP file linked to my DAW project, even if I choose not to save any changes made to the DAW project during that session.

For example: last night I went into the Synth V VST plugin in Ableton just to experiment with some ideas for some vocal lines, which do not work, and so I decided to scrap the session.

My original SVP file which was linked to my Ableton project was overwritten with the unwanted and discarded changes, even though I did not save any changes within my DAW project.

I am aware that you can “Save Inside Host”, but I always believe it to best to save a backup, and so save any work as an external file, and then switch “Save Inside Host” back on.

But what if I forget, like I did last night? :flushed:

I am using the VST plugin with Ableton 10 on a Windows 10 laptop.

I do not know if the following happens to anyone else using Ableton, or when using other DAWs, and would be very interested to find out.

WARNING: If you carry out the procedures below, please do not do so on an ongoing project as you may lose all of your work, which is the exact reason why I thought I would highlight this issue here in the first place.

  1. Create a new project in your DAW and add an instance of the Synth V plugin to it.

  2. Draw some random notes in the Synth V plugin.

  3. Save an external SVP file by selecting “Save External File” from within the plugin.

  4. Save your DAW project and then close your DAW.

  5. Reload your DAW project.

  6. Delete all of the notes you added earlier from the Synth V plugin.

  7. Close DAW project without saving any changes made.

  8. Reload the DAW project for the last time.

What I find here, is that although you did not save the changes made the last time you opened your DAW project, the SVP file WAS updated, and you now do not have any notes on your Synth V VST piano roll.

Is it just me, or does that not seem right?

Surely, if you have decided to scrap any changes made in your DAW session, then this should also apply within the Synth V plugin?

At the very least, the plugin should be asking me if I want to save the changes before updating my SVP file under these type of circumstances?

Obviously someone with more knowledge about such things may come on here and tell me that this is how it is all supposed to be working, and that’s fine.

But at least if that’s the case, then I have warned others that there is a very good chance you could lose all of your work, if you are not careful with the current saving mechanisms within the plugin - like I did. :grinning:



I was able to reproduce this in FL Studio as well, with the following process:

  • Create a new FL Studio project
  • Open SynthV VST, add two notes, save to external SVP
  • Remove one note without saving
  • Close FL Studio, selecting “No” to the save prompt

Upon opening the SVP in the standalone version of SynthV Studio I saw one note when I should have seen two (note that I never even saved the DAW project at all, and only saved the SVP once manually before removing the second note).

It’s possible that some sort of autosave/project backup process triggered in the background by the DAW is causing SynthV to save the SVP when it shouldn’t, but this is just speculation on my part. Either way this isn’t the behavior most users would expect.

Thank you for the clarification.

Yes, I can also confirm this :arrow_up: happens for me to.

Do Dreamtonics frequent this forum, or should I report this to them directly do you think?

They seem to check for bug reports shortly after releases and during beta periods, however they don’t actively post here and there have been notable bugs reported here that go unresolved, so it’s somewhat unclear if they favor some other channel for that sort of thing.

You can try forwarding the bug report to [email protected], though that email is more geared toward customer support for the Dreamtonics Store than for the application itself.

OK Claire, thanks for that.

Yes, I think I will email them then.


For anyone interested - I have informed Dreamtonics about this issue via email and will let you know if I here back from them.

Even “save inside host” is a bit strange.
In cubase I added an instance of the Synth V plugin, draw some notes and choose “save inside host”. Then I close the plugin and then I close cubase, I am asked if I want to save the project, I answer yes. So far so good.
I restart cubase, open the Synth V plugin, change some notes, close the plugin, close cubase and cubase does not ask if I want to save the project, it simply closes. So the changes of notes in Synth V are gone.
I use the current version of Cubase 12.0.70 and Synth V 1.9.0.

What is strange about that? In the second case (after restarting Cubase) you did not save, so your progress was lost. This seems like the expected result to me.

What i would have expected is that cubase recognizes (or SyntV tells cubase) that a change has been made in SynthV and asks if this change should be saved. :thinking:

This doesn’t only happen when “Save Inside Host” is selected, so I don’t think the way the project is saved has anything to do with the problem.

I believe the issue would be, “when using the VST version and in a situation where the user has not made any other changes in the DAW, changes made within SynthV Studio will not trigger an unsaved changes warning upon closing the DAW.”

It’s a pretty specific series of events, so it’s possible Dreamtonics hasn’t received a report about it before. You might consider sending them an email at [email protected].

It’s worth noting that in the case of FL Studio I did see that my changes in SynthV Studio were persisted by the autosave even though the DAW project was not saved – but while it might seem related, that’s a whole separate issue (though while separate from your issue, it is actually more relevant to the original topic of this thread). The fact remains that I was able to reproduce your lack of an “unsaved changes” warning when saving the SVP both within the DAW project and externally, and I was able to do it with a different DAW so it’s not just a Cubase issue.

edit: link to more info about that other issue: Saved files seem to change - claire の #2