How can I remotely "deactivate: Synthesizer V?

Hello all,

Recently purchased Synthesizer V and SOLARIA.
I have just a Desktop and Laptop I’d like to use it on.
I had some issues with the hard drive on my laptop recently and had to reinstall Windows 3 times on it and wasn’t able to deactivate as the computer was in an inoperable state. Anyway, is there a way to have the license “remotely” deactivated as I can’t afford to purchase Solaria and SynthV pro for a 2nd time.

There is no remote deactivation. Each license has 3 uses to account for hardware failure, so you should still have 2 left for each product.

In normal situations where you can deactivate, one use is “refunded” upon doing so, meaning that unless you have two other hardware failures you should be able to transfer the products to new computers in the future without issue.

If you do have encounter further problems you can contact Dreamtonics support ([email protected]).


Guess I should contact support then cause thats exactly what happened. Turned out to be a defect with the laptop’s hard drive.