Where are SVP files located when "save inside host"?

Any idea where .svp files are located when running the plugin version? eg. within Cubase, and the .svp file is “save inside host”. Also, something odd is happening…

Here’s the scenario:

  1. opened up a Cubase project
  2. changed some lyrics within SynthV vst
  3. the playback is the original (before change)
  4. saved to external file
  5. changes do show up in standalone SynthV (still not updated in plugin)

I didn’t want to do a save within the DAW, since I didn’t want to lose anything… any idea how this is working?

ooops… don’t answer the the part about “something odd”… the vst channel was muted and I was hearing the audio file… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Anyway, still would be good to know the location of the “save inside host” version…
I guess this whole thing could be avoided by streamlining the process, e.g. always start with external file, and finish by saving to external…

When saving inside the host, the project is stored within your DAW’s project file.

Thanks Claire… that’s what I thought, but can’t find it in there…??

There’s no separate SVP file when using that setting. The SynthV project is literally embedded within the CPR.

Ok, that makes sense… so if I want to switch between standalone and vst I guess always going the “external file” route is the way to go then?

Yes. Just be aware that there is currently a bug where any attempt by the DAW to autosave or create a project recovery point (even if you don’t save the DAW project) might trigger a save within the SynthV VST, causing the external SVP to be updated without the user intentionally pressing “save”.

A notable example is when you close the DAW and it prompts you to save before exiting, even if you click “No” the SVP might still be saved.