Please Add Tagalog/Filipino Voices

Please Dreamtonics add Tagalog/Filipino :philippines: banks Along with Malay, Spanish And Italian

In Philippine There is a Philippine National Anthem in next Philippines Independence Day in June 12 2023, Dreamtonics can sample some Filipino BANKS.

Please support them :pray:


Good idea, but you do realized that most filipino can sing right? hahaha i have a lot of Filipino colleagues, 99,99% they are a really good singer.

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that could be very niche, even more than italian banks! :slight_smile:

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I’m still learning how to use Synthesizer V Studio Pro. But I would definitely like to have Tagalog voice banks! Filipinos love to sing and there are many who have great voices alright. But it would just be a different experience working with Synth voices. Furthermore, many Filipinos are quite creative and would probably do many great stuff with this software. :slight_smile:

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I really hope abs cbn (star music) will partnership with dreamtonics for which Filipino singers, famous opm singers, and other filipino vocal synth communities to have a voices databases made in Synthesizer V, that will be possible.

Thanks for your support!!

Yeah! Exactly, Thanks for you support!

I actually prefer to have a voice database of an unknown singer or someone that is less popular. Maybe Dreamtronics can invite a singer from one of the many Indie local bands/artists in the Philippines… or like you said, maybe had become a winner of a local singing contest of some sort. But the singer has to have a distinct voice when compared to existing Synthesizer V voice banks and should be able to cover both Tagalog & English languages well as a primary requirement. Good thing a lot of Filipinos are quite fluent in English and many do not even have a noticeable local accent. :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are many talented Fililpino artists. But really, if getting already popular local singers, my wish would be Armi Millare and/or Rico Blanco. :grin: But that’s just my current preference and can definitely change depending on my mood. :laughing:

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why only tagalog,philipino, spanish or italian?

I support an all-lingual voicebank for all languages, with configurable pronounciation of consonants.


yeah! it’s true, my wish are Gigi de lana, Morisette, Chantal Videla (Chanty), JMKO, Jed Madela, JM Yosures, and Jona :grinning:

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That’s a nice selection! :grin:

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Thanks, glad you like it

after Dreamtonics announced added Spanish support for Synthesizer v,

please support and Sign the Petition
here’s the link: