Ability to adjust vocal modes past 150%

Some vocal modes on AI voices don’t have much of an effect, I think it would be useful to adjust them past 150%, increasing the max to, say, 500% or even 900%. I believe there was a glitch that allowed this in older versions of Synth V, so it’s definitely possible to implement. I haven’t had any first hand experience with the glitch as I purchased Synth V pro after it was patched, but the results I’ve seen are spectacular- Soft voices can become ridiculously powerful, and powerful voices can become even more so.

I would love to see this become an official feature as some vocal modes just don’t add enough character at 150%. Mai and Kevin in particular have some weak vocal modes from my experience and they would benefit heavily from this change.

If quality is a concern, perhaps add a warning message along the lines of ‘warning: adjusting past 150% is not recommended and may result in muffled/distorted audio’ so that any professionals using the software would know it’s something of an experimental feature.

Many thanks for listening


I also have to wonder if negative values would be possible. Like, beyond just saying “bias toward this behavior” the ability to also say “avoid this behavior” might have interesting results.


Funny enough I just found a cover using the old glitch that claims to have used -200% soft for Mai! So it does seem possible at least, I really hope these things become official features


The fact that these sliders go beyond 100% is nonsensical.

It’s not, you just don’t get the vibe, and that’s OK, the ones that get it, get it, and the ones that don’t, don’t.

Just bringing this back up after discovering this: https://youtu.be/MxZxl5FlwZc?si=wd6C8YPb-OXUgoBS&t=168

That would be honestly pretty cool. I’ll try editing the file, like suggested in the comments.

Just tried, doesn’t change the sound beyond 150%, even when editing the file. As said in the original post, It’s only possible with older versions.