Only select tail after Split Note

When I split a note it is generally done to move the right side of the split up or down in pitch. When I do so, both halves of the split note are selected by default and I end up dragging both notes up or down. - Gets me every time! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to only have the right hand side of a split note be selected or no selections would be good too, Where the note clicked to be split is deselected automatically after the split? That way I could split and drag the right hand side freely.

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The “Split Selected Notes” function is a script, so you can simply modify the JavaScript file to change the functionality.

If you only want the right side of the split selected, add selection.unselectNote(note); to the end of the loop (line 61).

You should probably also modify the name of the script on line 3 to something like “Split Selected Notes (modified)” so that it doesn’t get overwritten in the future.

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The script splits in the middle, whereas the command from the context menu lets you choose where to split. So the modified script (with a shotcut) might work for him. I prefer the command and use the combo: right click > Split Note; cmd-click, click and drag.

It’s scripted!!??

Cool cool.
I can do JS so most excellent.
Thank you!

To clarify, the right click function is not a script, but there is a “Split Selected Notes” script (in the scripts menu) which behaves very similarly.

The main difference is that it splits on the playhead instead of based on mouse position (or in the middle if the playhead doesn’t intersect the note).

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Thanks, i didn’t know about the playhead (but still prefer the right click function) …

Thank you claire, that works.