Where's the "convert to phonemes" functionality?

I have a word synth v is mispronouncing. I see videos and the manual saying it’s possible to convert the word to phonemes by right clicking the note, but when I do that, the option doesn’t appear:


I have Synth V Studio Pro.

The phonemes are above the note. Double-click on the white text and modify them to correct the pronunciation.

You can also enter phonemes directly inside the note by starting the text with a ., for example .b ah dx er d.

The videos and manual you’re looking at are for the legacy version of Synthesizer V, not SynthV Studio.


Ah thanks, I never would have figured that out. Thanks for the tip on the legacy version too. Are there any up to date manuals on the studio version?

Only the video tutorial series on the Dreamtonics YouTube channel:

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