Variable Tempo from Cubase Tempo File?

Is there already a script or tool that can read a Cubase tempo file and add/adjust the tempo markers in a Synthesizer-V project file accordingly? It’s easy to do, since both are JSON files, but if somebody has already done the job, I would like to avoid the work.

Sorry, correction: The Cubase file is XML. But still easy to do. :slight_smile:

Do you really need to process a Cubase tempo file? You can import tempo changes/markers from a midi file as well.


  • Find a track without midi events (or create a new track)
  • SOLO it
  • Export > MIDI File…

Synthesizer V:

  • Save the project that needs the tempo changes
  • Import… (the empty track from) the midi file with the tempo changes/markers
  • Import as Tracks… your project
  • Delete the empty (last) track
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Yes, I do need a direct SMT to tempo markers conversion tool, for various reasons, two of them being:

  • Having to create and export a MIDI file each time is too much hassle.
  • When the tempo track changes in the Cubase project, I need a way to overwrite the existing tempo markers in my Synth-V project.

I described a way to “update” tempo markes in existing projects, but if the export is to much hassle, this of course won’t help.
Please keep us updated about your progress …