Solaria sings The Beatles "Something"

Solaria told me she wanted to sing something…
so I played “Something” 😀

Hope you like.


Wow – sounds great. Good job!

Thank you very much!

That’s pretty good,you really nailed the harmonies.

Does anyone know how long this took, please!

Hi, if you only refer to the voice track (Solaria) with Synthetizer, I spent 4/5 hours. But I’m still learning the software :wink:

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Yes, thanks, that’s what I meant. :grinning:

Impressive rendition. vocals harmonies are great too, that’s were I struggle usually.

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What can I say . . .? An EXCELLENT cover with great attention to detail - especially Guitar AND vocal harmonies.
I feel SVS WILL repay time spent with its almost infinite tweak-ability . . . .
Well done . . . :clap:

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Gosh, I think she made ‘something’ for sure haha. Awesome work! :smile:

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