synthv deactivated itself????

for some reason it deactivated itself? I closed it and re-opened it and the activation window popped up? has anyone else had this problem? does it use up a code, should i be worried?

Same problem. I’m trying to find my activation code and I’ll let you know when I’m done.

During this time you can try to activate again.

I got this problem after a Dev channel upgrade of Windows 11, but not sure whether the cause was the upgrade. I also checked my license folder and there were just nothing inside.

It might be a good idea to email Dreamtonics about that ([email protected]), both from the perspective that you might be able to make them aware of compatibility issues with Windows 11 updates, but also just to make sure it didn’t burn one of your license uses.

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Okay. I’m back. It doesn’t use up a code and just take it easy.

Don’t think it’s a problem of Windows 11 though. Might be some other issues with the activation server or sth like that.

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