Paste bug in Arrangement?

Possible paste bug in Synthesizer pro V arrangement. Can anyone confirm or deny possible bug please?

What is the problem? I can copy and paste groups in the arrangement without issue.

As I’ve said doesn’t work for me. Copying and pasting in arrangement view.

You said there was a possible bug, but you did not say what the bug was.

  • What happens when you try to copy/paste?
  • Are you using keyboard shortcuts or the right-click menu?
  • Are you able to select “Paste” from the right-click menu or is the option not available?
  • Can you drag groups to the arrangement from the Library panel?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of your project?
  • Which version of Synthesizer V Studio are you using?
  • Which operating system are you on?

If you don’t provide any information you can’t expect people to know what the problem is.


Copy/paste doesn’t seem to work. Using right click. I can select paste. Using the latest version. Win10 pro

What are you trying to paste? There are no groups in your project, and there isn’t anything else that can be copy/pasted in the arrangement panel.

It’s pity. I thought I could copy/paste the Chorus and audio track, further along the timeline. Okay, how does make groups then?

For the notes you can either copy/paste them in the Piano Roll, or you can group them and copy/paste the group in the Arrangement.

For the instrumental, create a second instrumental track and drag the waveform to the right, or use an instrumental file with the full duration.

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