How to double vocals

What is the best way to create vocal doubles? I think duplicating and creating a new take of the whole gives good results but I’m afraid this creates phasing issues.

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I usually just offset the second vocal by a few and make sure they meet at the same ending phrases.


Offsetting is a good idea and change some of the tone settings slightly as well. If you want it to sound like a completely different person then you should also change the way the voice sings the part with slight variations in pitch and timing.


Last night I had a case of mess-arounditis and used Solaria as the main track and Eleanor as the second with no offset at all.

That worked pretty darn good.


Did you program them separately or did you program one, then duplicate the track and change the voice?

I duplicated the track then changed the voice for that duplicated track to Eleanor. Sounds more like two chicks singin but I just snuck it in under Solaria’s panned it slightly off center, and it thickens up the lead.


Use this :slight_smile:
You must have previously activated the “Instant Mode”, just modify the parameters a little, and “Generate Take”. And There you go :slight_smile:
If you don’t want “instant mode” to affect your tracks, set everything to -100.

Et voilà :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 17.35.42


Hi lolosound,
I guess you may want to try another vocal, There are some trail or free light version vocal from Synthesizer V, and the SOLARIA has a light version which you can use for double vocal.
I used the new Weina as lead vocal and the free Chiyu as double vocal. As well as some other free as ad-libs and doowops.
Hope this will be useful for you.

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There are plugins that deal with this problem specifically.

A simple and easy to use plugin is a mono to stereo plugin that specifically states it resolves phasing problems.

I don’t remember the name, as I simply do multiple takes of live artists.

edit: The plugin you want to try out is stereomaker, and monomaker is similarly used esp. on electric piano (rhodes) to resolve phasing issues.

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