Synthesizer V on Windows 7

I have purchaser Synth V Pro and 4 paid voices (AnXiao, Weina, Solaria & CongZheng) and installed on Windows 10, but would also like to have it run on a Windows 7 machine. I found that only the trial version Synth V will run on Win7 with the free voices. Paid voices and Synth Pro version will not install on Win7. My understanding is that Synth Pro version can only be installed on 1 PC, while the voices may be installed on several PCs. Is there a way to either use paid voices with the Synth V trial version, or install Synth Pro version on Windows 7, even if it costs extra?

The “trial” you are referring to is the legacy version of Synthesizer V, it is not Synthesizer V Studio. The legacy version is from 2018 and is not the same software.

Synthesizer V Studio requires Windows 8.1 or higher as per the system requirements listed here: Synthesizer V Studio Pro - Dreamtonics Store

SynthV Studio Basic has the same requirements as Pro.

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Thank you, Claire.

Not supporting Win7 is a major fail on Dreamtonics part. There is a huge Win7 music production community that has been left out by this move, me one of them. Vocaloid 6 supports Win7. Bad move

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