Growl /Glottal effect panel not creative in view menu in version 1.8

It is not possible anymore in view menu to create a glottal effects panel - there is no menu item for it under view as described in the User manual . Thanks a lot in advance for the help .


There is no glottal effects panel. The manual is for the legacy version of the software from 2018, not Synthesizer V Studio.

This is not a bug, the feature has never been implemented for the current product.


thanks you so much - what a fast answer - i am amazed.
(as you can guess i am a newbie and worked so far with this Manuel).
I will then try to investigate if its possible with any other means to created growl like effects, thanks again very much

Look for the script RV Growl by Hataori. There are some YouTube videos on how it works. I’ve used it with good success.

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Thanks so much - just installed it an will certainly play around with it

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