How to sing kind of wow wow, yeah yeah things.

I’d like to have the words just like the first line of lyrics of “More than I can say”. Here is the song’s link.

I tried some words " wow" “yeah”. But not like the original voice, that the sound alternate from “woo” to “ah”. Is there any tips for me?
Kindly to hear any suggestion.

These sort of vocalizations rely on you going by ear to find phonemes that match, because they’re not really singing “words” in the typical sense. In many cases entering these sort of sounds will work (see the screenshot below) but other times you’ll have to manually change the phonemes above the notes by double-clicking.

For example, notice how the second “yeah” has a bit of an “h” sound in the middle and ends on more of an “ee” sound, even when compared to the same word right before it. This could be difficult to match. You may also need to adjust the phoneme timing sliders in the Note Properties panel (and the phoneme strength sliders if using the Pro edition).

Another big challenge will be matching the pitch. The timings are much less strict in this sort of sequence, and so there ends up being a lot more portamento than you’d expect from typical lyrics.

This is my attempt with Asterian’s instant mode tuning. It’s certainly not perfect, the iy at the end sounds closer to the reference but still a bit wrong, and as-is it would still need a good amount of fine-tuning with manually-drawn pitch curves to sound like the original.