im trying to look for both stardust and shian's birthday illustrations (full body and has to be either in the white bg or transparent)

so i was trying to find the pngs of both stardust and shian’s birthday illustrations and
i seem to can’t find it
i’ve looked for them everywhere

I tried having a look and got absolutely nothing for Shian, but I found this video that uses the image for Xingchen SynthV AI Stardust English: I Really Want to Stay At Your House (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) - YouTube
There’s also this low quality version of the image with a white background I found as someone’s soundcloud profile picture- It cuts off at the legs though

i’ve found literally the same thing


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let’s fking gooooo

any hopes on finding the shian one?
in the future??

Sorry to bump something so old but I made a transparent replacement for the editor since I couldn’t find one and figured I’d share. You can replace the images in documents/dreamtonics/synthesizer v studio/databases/medium5stardust and she’ll show up like this in your editor

it’s not as good as coming straight from atdan (there’s one hair that’s transparent because it was white) but I prefer this design to the game one

edit: the upload destroyed the transparency here it is again: link hit the download button top left to get the png with transparency