Is there a way to downgrade the version of Synth V pro?

I purchased Synth V pro very recently but I want to try out older versions, but I can’t seem to find a way to download older versions of the pro edition. There are older versions of the basic edition available so surely there must be a way. Does anyone know how? if not, would it be possible for someone to share older installers that they have already downloaded over the internet? since you need an activation code to make it work there wouldn’t be any risk of piracy right?

Running an older installer does allow downgrading, however many of the voice databases will also need to be downgraded or else they will not be compatible (and in versions prior to 1.7.1 there is no support for multiple installed voice database versions).

As for the installers, technically speaking redistribution is not allowed. Of course there’s nothing stopping people from sending them to one another and they do require a license to use, but doing so on the official forums will likely get your post removed.

Honestly at this point there’s little reason to downgrade though. Almost all of the problems with 1.7.0 were resolved in 1.7.1, and with the ability to run previous voice database versions the actual difference in the rendered output is negligible when using the same voice database version as in 1.6.1 or earlier.

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