Any Keyboard/Piano Suggestions?

To any professional or well-versed musicians out there, I’m sorry for the evident lack of knowledge I have on this post, I’m not familiar enough with the terminologies as music is just my exorbitantly expensive hobby.

As the topic says, are there any suggestions to a good keyboard/piano that can input notes into SynthV?

I’m thinking of potentially getting one to make note inputs go in faster.

Now due to living conditions, I prefer the smaller and more compact ones, but I also want one that’s super flexible that it can be used in a more advanced basis?

As for budget, right now I don’t have a set one as I want to see my options first.

Additional Question: Any suggested Virtual Instrument softwares? I’ve seen videos online clearly using them but the original posters don’t usually mention the software they’re using…

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I think any keyboard/digital-piano that outputs midi will do the trick. Eg. I have a Yamaha PSR 3000 ( yeah it’s dated…) I also use a DAW (Cubase) so you can tweak (eg. make sure the melody is in key, etc.) the recorded midi before importing into SynthV. I haven’t tried it, but I’m pretty sure I saw a button in SynthV to allow recording midi inputs…


I see hmm I’ll start looking into it then thank you!

I looked up Cubase as well and it’s certainly quite expensive but I can see the appeal to it…

Perhaps on my next savings.

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Hi, For your question, I guess you would like to input notes into Synthsizer V. There are many good MIDI keyboards work for this purpose, I’m using Komplete MIDI keyboard from NI, it is a good choice. Speaking of keyboard inputing, it may be more efficient than mouse if you were skilled in playing piano or keyboard instruments. Otherwise, if you don’t play keyboard instruments, it will be more difficult than just input notes by clicking the mouse.

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Reaper is not free, but it isn’t crippled either. Unless you’re making thousands, it’s only $60 one-time payment.

It’s very good software and also runs on Windows 7 AND directly from usb if you set it up that way.

You can keep using it. After a trial interim there’s just a nag screen on startup.


I’ve seen reaper yes! And oh! $60 huh? That sounds rather nice actually.

What special features does it have? Like, I’ve been scratching my head on what audio editing software to get since the one I’m using is running out of time haha, it’s something given to me when I was still a college student, but it’ll be out of time soon, and I’ve just- been. googling.

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Best place is Goog: Reaper website is .fm

Probably better question is what it doesn’t have?

Download Reaper and the manual and use it for free for 30/60 days (whichever) and see if you like it.