SynthV weird playback


Im doing another cover with SynthV, and im working with a project which has bpm automation, because the song doesnt have an exactly tempo, so i did an bpm automation to have the grid perfectly.

The thing is when i record the midi on SynthV, the playback plays the same part at least 2 times, so i cant work with the vocals.

How can i fix this?

First make sure you select “Synchronize Tempo with Host” so that the DAW’s tempo changes are reflected in SynthV Studio.


As for the multiple playback issue, I’m not sure I understand just from your description. Can you provide a screenshot?

Hey! I Just Tried with this option but it still plays wrong in general.
I uploaded a preview and image on the discord!

I’m not sure what you mean by “the Discord” but you can paste images into the forums directly, there’s no need to host them elsewhere.

I was talking about the Discord server “Vocaloid Community Server”
Here is the image

Can you also share a screenshot of the SynthV Studio application? Preferably the full window, not a cropped image.

Yes of course!

Okay, looks like the “Sync Tempo” function isn’t detecting your DAW’s automation correctly (there are no tempo markers in the Time Axis). You can find information about manually adding tempo changes in SynthV Studio here:

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Just tried it!

Even if i change the tempo in SYNTHV (which is very difficult because i cant put it exactly where i want), when the projects changes the tempo, the playback of SYNTHV goes back a few ms, so it plays 2 times the first note where the tempo changes.

In that case try rendering a wav from SynthV Studio and dragging that into your DAW (and then mute the SynthV VST).

If it sounds good using the rendered wav, that would indicate a compatibility issue with the VST and your DAW.

If it still sounds wrong, then it would mean your tempo changes don’t match correctly (or that the tempo changes you’re trying to implement are not possible in SynthV Studio). SynthV Studio can only change tempo at quarter-measure intervals, which may not be suitable for some songs.

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