Note Volume?

I am getting familiar with Pro and am editing a Kevin track in the stand alone version. A couple tail ends of phrases are inexplicably way down in volume and this is seen on the waveform too. I’m aware of the Loudness parameter but is that the same as note Volume? It would be nice if we could right click a note and set the gain or level to fix such conditions. I don’t have anything going on level wise in the parameter panel that I am aware of anyway, so I cant fix the drop in level for the tail end of the notes in question yet.

Help! :slight_smile:

Yes, the Loudness parameter is effectively volume (or I suppose technically gain, since it takes effect at the time of synthesis).

You can see how the parameter is affecting the volume by the range indicators on the left side of the Parameters panel.


You may want to try adjusting the Timbre expressiveness under AI retakes. This won’t strictly affect the release of the notes, but might change how much general variation there is in the dynamics.


Vocal Modes might also help with certain behaviors, but that’ll be different for each voice database.

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