Synth V in Musescore 4

Musescore 4 recognizes Synth V as VST and I´ve opened one of my .svp-files in Synth V but the playback doesn´t work in Musescore. All the other parts of the score plays back as usual but not the part with Synth V. Any solutions?

SynthV Studio is a bit different from typical VST instruments. Most VSTis receive the MIDI from the host application (DAW) and play notes matching that, however SynthV Studio relies on its own embedded piano roll and ignores the host MIDI.

When used as a plugin, SynthV Studio synchronizes the playhead with the host and sends its output to the assigned mixer insert.

I’m not familiar with Musescore, but if it’s not producing output then i’d expect either SynthV Studio is not assigned to a mixer insert or SynthV Studio is not synchronizing playback control with the host.

If Musescore requires that instruments be assigned to the sheet music, you may need to create a blank part and assign SynthV to that.

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Thanks for your answer!

Musescore 4 is a free music notation software with it´s own integrated mixer for each part/instrument in the score where different VST plugins can be loaded. Everytime I load Synth V for the first time in a score and open the plugin interface it´s possible to play back the .svp-file but it only works once and never while playing back the plugin inside the score with the other instruments.