Anicute orders

Yesterday I order Eleanore Forte AI from Anicute. So far the order is still showing as pending and I have heard nothing from them. I tried contacting them and still nothing.

Had I looked on the forum first I would have seen there was problems with their email. It said it had been resolved, but is it now not working again? I noticed that the Twitter account @OfficialVolor has nothing posted by them since December 23 2022.

Are they just slow or have I been ripped off?

There’s been no indication of current issues. Since orders are processed manually one day isn’t a concerning delay.

That said, longer delays right now should be expected since much of Taiwan will currently be off work to celebrate the lunar new year.

Thanks for the reply. I guess we are so used to everything being done instantly online these days. I should have realised that it was the Lunar new year having seen it on the news. I need to be more patient I guess.

I ordered Solaria from Eclipsed Sound and got the DL link and key in less than 10 mins.