Mac Piano Roll - Studio Pro

I am using a Mac and cannot work out how to zoom in and out on the piano roll. The only reference I can find is CTRL + Mousewheel - Horizontal zooming (mouse-centered)

The Apple mouse does not have a scroll wheel, are there keyboard shortcuts for this?

The Apple mouse may not have a physical scroll wheel, but surely you can still scroll by swiping up and down, right? How do you scroll down webpages?

Exactly as you say, but for some reason nothing happened. Having said that I just worked it out. On PC CTRL is used, just by chance I used CMD and problem solved. Many thanks for your quick response.

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I got horizontal zooming to work on my Mac with CMD and mouse swipes. Is there any way to get vertical zooming to work?


There is currently no vertical zoom in SynthV Studio.

Thanks Claire.