Bug: Right click on track selection to open context menu duplicates track under high processing load

This is just a bug report:

When I’m using SynthV as a VST in Cubase and want to remove a track under high CPU load, the context menu to select “Duplicate or Remove Track” automatically selects “Duplicate” (as if the first right click is still being processed)

This causes SynthV to duplicate a track while already under high load, causing it to process yet another track often leading to a crash of the DAW if this happens more than twice.

A solution I’d hope for was to just disable automatic processing. Please let me activate it manually, only about 20% of the changes I make within SynthV are final, there is no need to be this wasteful with resources. Once I’ve finished editing I’d just like to press a “render” button to render/process the vocals within SynthV.