Mai (free) voicebank requires activation code

We are trialing this software. Just downloaded v1.8.0 along with the free Mai voicepak. Once the voicepak was installed, it asks for an activation code. There is no place on your main website to sign-up for code activation — apparently that is only available through the purchased Pro product now. We don’t want to purchase the Pro version without at least trialing the software. Please let us know how to proceed. Thank you.

Mai is only included with the Pro edition and cannot be purchased separately.

If you want to try out the software, use the free lite version voice databases with the Basic edition of SynthV Studio.

Lite versions distributed by Dreamtonics: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (


ANRI lite: About Us – AUDIOLOGIE

AHS lite versions: Synthesizer V Studio Basic 及び 各種Synthesizer V Lite版ダウンロード|製品情報|AHS(AH-Software)


I remember that this product clearly stated that it needs to be use on pro editor,How do you think it can be used in the free version?

Mai’s usage is based on the activation of the Pro edition and cannot be used otherwise.

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But this is based on users who own or have purchased a pro editor.The person who asked the question doesn’t seem to have the pro version.

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As was already mentioned, Mai cannot be purchased separately and can only be activated by using the Pro edition.

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Please make sure you are using the Pro Edition. Mai will not be activated in the Basic Edition.


Ah, yes you’re right, thanks for the correction! I’ve fixed my response above.

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