Unable to Paste (Mac OS 10.14)

Since a few updates ago, I’ve been unable to paste anything. When I press command V I’m prompted to choose between the two options for pasting, and clicking either does nothing. The box stays there but nothing is pasted and I can only cancel out.

Attempting to set a default paste behaviour has no effect. This may be compounded by the fact that the software no longer remembers my settings after being closed. (It asks if I consent to telemetry data every time I open the program, and ‘open recent’ doesn’t work.)

I really hope this will be fixed soon as I split all my SVPs into different tracks to work around previously having no vocal mode automation (via duplicating and deleting) and now I can’t combine them back to try out the automation!!

Try going to the terminal (go to > Utilities > Terminal.app)

Execute the following command in the terminal to specify permissions:

sudo chmod -R 777 "/Library/Application Support/Dreamtonics"


Thank you for your response! It appears I don’t have a folder in application support named ‘dreamtonics’ at all. I’ve attempted to reinstall the software but it does not create one. Is there any way I can force it to? It makes sense that it can’t save settings without one.

The “Dreamtonics” folder isn’t located in your user’s library but in the global library:

/Library/Application Support/Dreamtonics

Thanks @k.k.a for pointing out the correct location.

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Thank you! Deleting settings.xml seems to have the settings saving now! …and I can paste!!

Thank you both!