UI Design Changes in 1.8.1b1 - Pitch line barely visible

Hey so I’m trying to use the SynthV R2 1.8.1 beta but pitch bends are barely seeable in freehand mode. Can I change how they look so I can view them more easily?


Oh wow, yeah it’s actually harder to see the pitch line while in freehand mode… I really hope Dreamtonics fixes this one…

For me there was not much difference until I returned to 1.8.0
There is a difference …
I thought I post a picture as this might differ per machine

1.8.0 is white clear very visible also inside the note
1.8.1b is grey not very visible inside the note


I came back onto the forum just to ask about this. It’s much harder to see in freehand mode and it’s made tuning next to impossible for me because of the low contrast. Really hope this gets fixed soon!

This is supposed to be a bug that came up during development, and I’m sure it will be fixed in the official release.

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