Using a MIDI keyboard to input notes to SynthV

Hi there,
Sorry if I am asking a very simple question, but how do I use a MIDI keyboard to enter notes into SynthV when it is being used as a plug in in FL studio…Thanks so much for your help

First make sure your MIDI controller is connected to FL Studio properly (you should be able to press the keys and generate sound with normal instruments like FL Keys).

If that’s already set up you should be able to press the Record button in SynthV and input the notes.

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Hi Claire, Many thanks for your help.
The MIDI keyboard inputs notes fine now.
I would like to sync synthV with FL studio so that when I playback the backing tracks in FL, synthV
goes into record mode to input notes from the MIDI keyboard in real time.
SynthV automatically tracks FL studio now, but it won`t go into record mode.
If I set it into record mode and start FL playback, the time count on synthV resets to 0 and follows FL,
but it has dropped record mode.
If I set FL to record, it creates its own MIDI track, but its not in synthV, only in FL.
I suppose I could import the MIDI track, or save it as a WAV and import it, but wondered if it could be automatic

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Yes, currently this is the only way to do what you’re trying.