Kevin is losing his consanants

I’m using Kevin, and customized the voice panel to suit my song. He was sounding great, but now all of a sudden, he’s lost his consonants, especially at the ends of words. The final consonant sounds are now almost completely gone, even if I slide the phenome up to 180%.

I never changed any settings, but I restored the voice settings to default just to see, but the problem still persists. The only thing I did different was to record a new section with my MIDI controller, and I think that’s when the problem started. There really should be no relationship between these two things, IMO.

I’m using Synth V as a plug-in inside Cakewalk by Bandlab.

Anyone else experience this?



UPDATE: Also noticed that the breaths I put in are also not sounding anymore. Weird. I wonder if it’s something I did or something went buggy.


UPDATE 2: Restored my Cakewalk file from yesterday, all is back to normal now. Again, not sure what changed, but now I’m just copying notes and changing them as needed instead of recording through my MIDI controller.

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