How to install the new version?

Do I need to deactivate and then uninstall, then install the new version and activate? What about the voices I own. Do I also need to deactivate them in order to reload them in the new version and reactivate?

For normal version updates you can do it from within the application, from the License and Updates panel. There’s no need to deactivate unless you’re also changing your computer hardware, firmware, or operating system.

If you are installing a beta version or downgrading to an old version you have to download and run the installer manually. Again, no need to deactivate first, just run the installer.

You can download the current beta version from the Dreamtonics website:

Do I need to uninstall the current version to install the beta version?

Like I said, just run the installer.

I did that, but when it’s done installing it just opens up version 1.8.0b.
I’ll just uninstall and then Install the beta to force it. I just wasn’t sure about the activation policy but sounds like I don’t need to worry about that unless I was moving it to a new computer.

Hi. I tried to install it opening the license panel and clicking chek for updates, nothing happen

I also tried that and same as you, nothing. I think the only way to resolve this is to completely uninstall 1.8.0 and then install the new beta version.

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A curiosity, pIease. Currently I’ve v1.8.0, but if I wanna downgrade and install e.g. v1.7.0, where would I find this?

Are you sure you ran the correct installer? The current beta is 1.8.1b1. If you try to run an old installer it will install the old version.

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Dreamtonics does not make past versions of the Pro edition available unless the current version has major bugs.

1.8.0 is quite stable and doesn’t have many issues that would be fixed by downgrading, so currently there is no way to get the 1.7.0 installer from Dreamtonics.

Other vendors like AHS might offer more past versions for download. If you purchased from AHS (or DLsite) you can try registering the product on AHS MyPage: マイページログイン|製品サポート|AH-Software


As was mentioned in my fiest post, you cannot install beta versions from inside the application. Beta/pre-release versions are still in development and tend to have bugs and stability issues, so you have to download and run the installer manually.

Follow the link in my original reply if you want to download the 1.8.1b1 beta.

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I ran the installer from the download to the beta link you provided in your post about the new beta 1.8.1 available in your other post. Unfortunately, dreamtonics does not specify in the name of the download what version it is , so it’s possible that they had the wrong version in the link? I’ll try to download again just to be sure and if that still doesn’t work I’ll just uninstall and install the new download link. If that doesn’t work then it’s probably Dreamtonics has the wrong version up right now. It would be nice if they actually had the version name in the file so I could be sure.

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I got it to work. Here’s what I think happened. Instead of running the installer first, I must have opened the program to see if there was an update. There was. I clicked on update, and it opened up a folder on my pc with the installation file. I had “assumed” that it had opened up the folder with my newly downloaded beta installer, but it actually opened my synth V downloads folder under Documents, which contained the 1.8.0 installer. So of course when running that, I just ended up with what I already had. I don’t know if the program was prompting me to download the new file to that folder or what, but either way, it confused me, especially since there was already an installation file in the folder it opened. This is where having the name of the version in the file would have visually told me it was not the one, and I would not have made that mistake. Once I realized I was not in the folder with my new install, I knew what to do. I found the new beta version I downloaded and just ran that, and now everything seems to have updated properly. Thanks.

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