A way to 'shrink' a parameter wave?


Sometimes I like the vibrato or pitch deviation wave, but I want to shrink it so that it’s not so extreme. I find it hard to replicate the wave exactly with the drawing tools. Is there a way to select the wave in the parameter panel and shrink it while retaining its shape?

Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately there’s no built-in feature for this, so it’s not possible in the Basic edition without redrawing the curve.

If you have the Pro edition, @dcuny has written a helpful “Scale Pitch Deviation” script which can do it.


I have Pro, so this is great. Thanks again for your help.

Actually, I used to do this manually with the arrow edit tool under parameters where you could highlight the points and just drag them down together, doing my best to keep them in place. Sometimes to get that to work, you need to delete some of the extra points or use the Modify/Simplify parameters menu to make it easier to do, however, this script makes it all so much easier, so I say use the script. A big thanks to @dcuny for this. It was one of his renditions of a Manhattan Transfer song with SynthV that got me into this rabbit hole in the first place(:slight_smile:


Yes, thanks @dcuny – this does exactly what I wanted!

A big thanks to @dcuny for this. It was one of his renditions of a Manhattan Transfer song with SynthV that got me into this rabbit hole in the first place :slight_smile:

I wish I could take credit for that track, but it wasn’t me who made it! :blush:


Script - Scale Pitch Deviation - did not assign the synthesizer to me among the other scripts and wrote: "
An error occurred in script: ‘Scale Pitch Deviation.lua’:
[ string “…”]:8 unexpected symbol near ‘<’

and in the script that starts with line 8 is:

I never wrote the scripts, I just use them and apparently I downloaded the script in an inappropriate way via “IDM” and it was not only this script that is useful and whoever wrote it had to devote time to it, which I should probably evaluate somehow and financially. I’ve been on the forum for a short time, so I don’t orient myself in the right direction more often.

I can try to show better instructions:

  1. Go to the script page and download by right-clicking on “Raw” and selecting “Save Link As…” to download it. (synth-v-scripts/Scale Pitch Deviation.lua at main · dcuny/synth-v-scripts · GitHub)

  1. Open SynthV Studio and use the menu at the top to find the “Scripts” folder


  1. Move the downloaded “Scale Pitch Deviation.lua” to the scripts folder. Make sure to delete the old version that was causing errors if it’s still there.

  1. Rescan the Scripts in SynthV Studio.


  1. Find a note with pitch deviation parameters


  1. Select the note and execute the script

  1. Select the percent to scale the pitch deviations, and click “OK” (in my case I want to shrink it by 50%)



Thanks a lot - I’ll have a look tonight

Downloaded according to you, I did the others in the same way as you described, even with the original incorrectly downloaded file via “INTERNER DOVNLOADER MANAGER - IDM”. The error was in the download, although from the same page, but now the script is fully functional, for which I thank you very much. So downloading via RAW…

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