Natalie Does Fantastic Job Singing Patsy Cline's "Crazy"!


Much Fabulous.

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Here it is… another Rare Gem.
I love this music. You are a genius Thomas! Thanks

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You did a fantastic job Thomas not only Natalie… :wink:
I like the base track too, and stereo imaging. Congrats!

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This sounds 99.9% human.

Did you edit this till the cows came home to get it to be like this or is Natalie this “talented” right out of the box.

On this track, I would like to know your workflow and how you do this.

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Workflow quite simple:

  1. Play the notes in DAW, along with the backtrack, without any quantization, for a free feel.
  2. Import the midi file from DAW to Synth-V
  3. With Instant Mode on, assign the midi file to Solaria (not Natalie yet!)
  4. Add words to Solaria singing the song
  5. While still in Instant Mode, tweak a bit of the settings, lowering the expression here and there, and generating alternate takes on notes I don’t like.
  6. Turn OFF Instant mode, and then change the voice to Natalie.
  7. Hand draw any curves or vibrato to match the style - that is very little vibrato at the start of the note and let it unfold about half way through, and not too wide. The “scale pitch deviation” script (assigned to a single key) is useful if the vibrato is too wide.

Natalie has a fantastic voice, better than Solaria for this kind of song, but in Instant Mode she is erratic and often has a fast unpleasant vibrato. But if you write a vocal with any other singer in Instant Mode (Kevin or Solaria or whoever) and THEN turn off Instant Mode, you can assign the voice to a different singer, and they will sing according to the Instant Mode of the first singer. This is the best way to quickly get good results with Natalie, although it could also be done by hand drawing everything yourself, but would take longer, and I don’t know if there are any cows around here to come home…


Thank you so much!

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I was wondering how wyou make Natalie sounds so good, thanks for the precious tip

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