Most Powerful Male SynthV Voicebank

So recently I’ve been wanting to get into songs that use a higher male register, and thought Xuan Yu would be best for the occasion since he’s made for rock songs and powerful singing. However, upon trying him out with short covers of “OX1=LOVESONG” and “FROST” by TXT, i’ve found out that’s not the case at all, even with maxed out Tension, Passionate, and Solid. (and even in lower registers he doesn’t sound good)

This has led me to realize most synthv men are NOT good in the power department, and are often dragged into pitiful falsettoes above C4. The only one I’ve heard so far appears to be Kevin, and even he has his limits. The new vocal JUN appears to have some good power, but he’s not out yet. Am I missing someone that’s currently released that has enough power in the E4-E5 octave?

Currently there aren’t really any options for powerful masculine vocals. Kevin is the closest, but still more of an all-purpose/versatile option than an actual “power” vocal.

JUN and Ninezero should hopefully help to fill that gap, once they release.