Gosh I'm Stupid.

Because of Synth V and Cakewalk transport fiddlyness I have been using the stand alone version to edit kevin’s vocal track for my latest tune with a backing track that is a stereo mixdown from cakewalk.

Tonight I decided to load synth V’s vst into cakewalk and inside synth v I loaded the recent sythv project the brought in the backing track.

This allowed me to put delays n’ stuff in the synth v output tracks in cakewalk. I muted all the cakewalk multi-track tracks except for the synth v outputs (back track included) so it didn’t matter if both transports run only synth v will sound and it’s effects.

It’s like synth V can use VSTs this way! right under my nose the whole time.

Good grief.

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So, the SynthV VST’s outputs for the vocals are separate from the backing track? Allowing you to add effects to just the vocals?

Makes sense if you like the SynthV VST workflow!

I’m still too cautious about using SynthV as a VST - too worried about save mishaps.

It’s great when you discover a new function that either makes things much easier, or opens new possibilities!

I often find that even the time spent doing things differently, or with more limited options, can also be a useful learning / creative experience as well.

Yes, all the synth V outputs are routed to separate outputs in cakewalk.
At first, depending on whether synth v had focus or cakewalk one or both transports would start so both “back tracks” would play. This is why A: We need synth v to support ARA and B: why I muted the tracks in cakewalk so if they both started it would be of no consequence. I know I can use an empty cakewalk project to do the same but opted at the time of discovery to just mute the tracks.

I can then, go full screen with synth v and it seems like I’m running the stand alone, but this time I have reverb and delay on the vox.

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Hi Bitman
Ive just bought synth v pro and loaded it as a VST into cakewalk. The problem i have is that while transport from cakewalk is fine, the playhead tracks as it should, I get no audio in the DAW.
I can hit the keyboard in synth v and hear a piano sound in the DAW.
The meters respond accordingly but on every track regardless of which track the key is pressed in. So, even though I have set up 16 tracks in the DAW that take the feed from the synth v midi track (as per every other VST instrument I use), I cannot get any vocal sounds.
Do you have a guide or instructions on how to solve this please as I cant find anything on the web or cakewalk forums?
Cheers GBT

This seems familiar to me. I forget what it was, maybe no singer assigned to the track in question or it was muted or another singer track soloed - it was something stupid. I remember going well, idiot… :man_facepalming:

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

This is a current bug, MIDI inputs will be sent to all output channels. This does not apply to vocal output, which will only be sent to the specific channel it is routed to.

MIDI Controller input to SynthV Studio does not produce vocal sounds on its own, you need notes and lyrics entered in the piano roll first.

If you are seeing the Cakewalk mixer respond to SynthV Studio but not hearing anything, that likely indicates an issue in the DAW. Are you sure you have the correct device (speakers or headphones) selected?

I think GBTBass was referring to the Synth V piano roll keys. They see and sound but no voice is heard.


Now I’m feeling stupid!!
Just spent an hour downloading and setting up OBS so that I could screen grab to explain what I am talking about only to realise I can only upload images :face_with_peeking_eye:

So, Claire - thanks I appreciate the clarification of the midi issue. I can live with that. Notes and lyrics are entered (see screenshot :slight_smile: )

I use vocaloid as well as other VST instruments so I’m reasonably confident that I have my audio routed correctly (there are 5 other VST instruments and a vocaloid track in this song and they all voice correctly). The audio sounds as it should if I run SV in standalone but if I run as VST I get nothing (other than hearing midi notes if I hit the piano roll in SV). No tracks are solo’d within SV.

Hope that’s a bit clearer and enough to maybe point me in the right direction.

I use cakewalk by Bandlab - fully patched, Win 10 fully patched, saffire pro 24 firewire, 32Gb DDR4 RAM.


I notice there are no waveforms beneath the notes in the piano roll, despite having the display toggles all turned on. This indicates to me that the live rendering system isn’t working correctly.

You can try forcing a re-render by going to the Voice panel and tweaking something - like turn the loudness up slightly and then put it back to where it was so that every note registers as needing to be re-rendered.

If that doesn’t do anything you can also try pressing the “Restart Live Rendering System” button in the Settings panel.

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Wow, thanks for the super fast reply Claire.
Interestingly the standalone SV does have the wave forms (see pic) but even though I tweaked the parameters as you suggested and even restarted the render engine, the VST version still has no wave forms or audio :frowning:
PS - it crashed my DAW following the engine restart :confounded:

In that case it’s probably best to reach out to Dreamtonics directly ([email protected]), hopefully they can offer some insight


Superstar - thanks