I created a choir with synth V!! "Oh Come Emmanuel" original arrangement

I used this AMAZING product to create a choir and sing a jazzy original arrangement of an old classic Christmas song.
One thing that makes a choir…a choir is that the voices all have different timbres and of course, those voices are coming from different places spatially. So…
I rendered the same four parts Solaria, Weina, Kevin and An Xiao I have Asterian now and he is a better bass for future projects) multiple times with parameters adjusted differently each time to change the quality of the voices just enough to create the illusion they might be different people. Also, when mixing the voices in my DAW, Cakewalk by Bandlab, I panned groups and individual voices with different EQ’s and even staggered the voices ahead and behind ever so slightly to create a natural chorusing effect but also to create a sense of space and multiple individuals singing at once. I hope you like it. This program is such a game changer for a composer like me who had a vocal injury years ago and have cried plenty of tears not being able to fully express myself in singing. Thank you SynthV for giving me lots of hope and inspiring me to turn on the creative faucet once again!!



I agree with you that Synth-V is an amazing tool. I love it. Just as I love your track. You have done a masterful job!
The choral simulation is very realistic.
The arrangement is also very nice the arrangement. Really good!
I’d like to hear more of your songs.

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Thank you Mickey! How very kind of you! I really appreciate your comments.


I agree. Awesome job. I used to be a tenor in a Jazz sextet singing mainly jazz a cappella Christmas songs. This guy who used to direct the Glenn Miller Show at Utah State University wrote some of the most amazing Acappella jazz I’ve ever heard, and we would sing all his Christmas songs. How is An Xiao’s English in the context of solos? Can you get rid of his accent easily, or is it too strong?

Hey there, Sorry didn’t see your question. Thank you so much. Are you talking about Phil Mattson? I sang those in Jazz choir in college and was just blown away by them. Many years later, they influenced my arrangement of this and other Christmas carols for a project last year that I arranged. So nice to have this tool to actually be able to have session singers any time of the day or night that sing for free, don’t fight or have big egos and never complain. lol. As it relates to An Xiao’s accent…yes it comes through, but in the context of a choir it’s not really noticable…as a solo though, you are right…although, I have found that I can tweak some of it out by messing with the phonemes and trying alternate “spellings” of words. Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement and feedback! I really appreciate it!

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