Display pitch and duration of note while editing

It’s easy to get lost in the piano notation - especially since the contrast is so low.

In addition to making it easier to see the barlines, it would be nice if there were some way to easily see the duration of a note. Additionally, since SynthV doesn’t play the note while it’s being dragged, perhaps there could be some other way to indicate the note?

For example:


Of course, the notation would likely need to be quantized.

Yeah, there are issues with the color scheme - blame Waves Tune. :wink:

This uses the free Rhythms font, which is ideal for this sort of thing.


Praat does not have an option to display duration in musical notation.

And even if it did, what’s that got to do with using the piano roll editor in SynthV?   :confused:

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You can’t edit songs in Praat, either.

Find someone else to troll. :yawning_face:

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