【NineZero】 No One Like You (Scorpions) 【Synth V Cover】


Very nice! :+1:

But shouldn’t “you” and “do” be pronounced /y uw/ and /d uw/? The sound like they are using /ao/ instead of /uw/.

But an very nice rendition!


I changed the phonemes because the “uw” sounded weird in that part. I tried changing it to “uh” at first, but it still wasn’t quite good to my ears.

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To be honest, this is the first demo that made me think I could perhaps use NineZero. But I’m a bit concerned about key phonemes being absent.

The Australian /uw/ isn’t really different than the US version. :thinking:

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I went back and fixed the phonemes. I think I made it work. Let me know what you think.


Much better! :+1:

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Is it my imagination or is there some sort of artefact, most obvious on longer ‘aaah’ sounds such as at 1:40.
It may be just that this song is pushing the voice out of its comfort zone?

A penny for your thoughts on this :grey_question:

This voice would do Ozzy No More Tears really well I think. I keep hearing Ozzys sound in all the covers so far

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NZ sings in a Black Sabbath cover band called Blood Sabbath, so he’s definitely influenced by Ozzy.