Hmmm re-edit a post ?

Can someone please tell me how to (re)edit a previous post you posted
I am sure I did it before, can’t find to do it now, I must be getting old, yuiks :crazy_face:

Discourse (the service used to host this forum) locks posts once they’re a month old, so the “edit” button will disappear.

Once that happens you can’t change the post, the only option is to add a new reply to the topic.

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Ah okay, not me getting old, but the post is getting old, pfff:)
Aargh not nice …
Makes it harder for a bug report to be seen, most of the time IF they read, they probably will read the first post
There not going to weed thru a post to find what the problem is:
I guess making a new post is better then …

Thanks Claire for the response and making me young again:) - :disguised_face: