That syncing feeling.......

I have a song that I was editing in the stand alone version of Synth V with an instrumental track from an export of the song from Cakewalk. Everything is good and the vocals are nice and in sync. If I use the Synth V plugin and load the same file, muting the instrumental track, the vocals (Kevin) start off ok but by the second verse are clearly way out of sync.

The song has a tempo map and is not a steady bpm but wavers ever so humanly.
I tried the Process → sync host tempo - or whatever it is, but that made it all way out of sync and worse.

I thought, well, I could scooch blocks of out of sync parts to make them in sync but remembering that in the stand alone, everything was a-ok, I thought, well I don’t want two versions of the song so I won’t do that when at least I can fall back on the standalone Synth V. So I shut down for the night without editing until I could maybe get some guidance here. - Synth V Studio Pro 1.8.0


Do you have gradual tempo changes? Different program interpret those differently, so I’ve gotten into the habit of only using discrete tempo changes.

ie, don’t “ramp” from 120bpm to 123 bpm over one measure. Put discrete changes - -120 bpm, 121 bpm…

Yes, very gradual.
I recorded the song on strummed acoustic then using Cakewalk’s leveraging of melodyne created a tempo map from that “performance”

I have good timing being a drummer too so the tempo just groves along in 4/4 time just not tied to a clock.

It’s a cool feature of cakewalk. Because then one can use midi drums and quantize to the groove of that acoustic strummed track which is humanly groovy not lifeless robotic.

I’m not certain what is tripping up the Synth V VSTi.
The standalone with a mixdown of the same tune as an instrumental track works perfectly. There is no need for me to use the VSTi - just thought I would. And found bad syncing issues.

Now if anyone from Dreamtonics is reading, My ASIO buffers are high. 2048 samples - all the time, So I never have to adjust it as load increases, and I monitor everything at the source so I can at the same time, enjoy zero latency.

The standalone is running as low a buffer count as possible 32 samples if I recall.

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