1.8.1 parameter bug for existing (pretuned) SVP

I’m having the same issue as the person from this post as well as a weird bug that makes the parmeter lines going too low/high to the point I can’t see where the points on the parameter lines are

I know I can remove them on the notes itself but I’m sure this is not how the parameter lines looked like before the update

You can use the Vertical Zoom option in the Parameter Lane to get a (bit) better view
But you constantly have to switch the Vertical Zoom state changing parameter
This change just makes me sad, I can’t work like this
For me v1.8.1 is unusable, I’m stuck on 1.8.0:\ - Why oh Why:\
Can only hope they will change this behavior in an update ?

How about now? is it improved? Or any tips for zooming vertically for parameter lane?