Question about file size for a regular voice library

Hi there. I was just wondering, for of you who own these libraries, what is the file size for the full version of Solaria and Eleanor Forte?

AI voice databases are 25-35MB each, with Eleanor and Solaria being around 31MB each.

Non-AI voice databases tend to be 300-500MB.

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Thank you for that information. It’s interesting that these AI files are comparatively small in size. In Orchestral libraries, in some instances, one instrument could almost a gig. I guess the AI makes the difference, you don’t need as many samples.

Correct, the non-AI voice databases are larger because they contain many discrete samples for each phoneme and phoneme transition, which are then pitch-shifted and stitched together by the engine (a process called “concatenative synthesis”).

By contrast, AI voice databases do not contain any samples and instead contain the results of machine learning analysis of a voice. So instead of needing to piece together the final result the engine can use that machine learning analysis to generate a similar sound from scratch.

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