[Script] Scale Pitch

Scale Pitch

This is a simple script that scales the pitch deviation for selected notes by a given factor. This is useful when your pitch curves have the right shape but they’re “too much” or “too little”. Instead of trying to redraw the shape, you can just scale the curve instead.

You can also specify the start/end points in case you don’t want to scale everything. Multiple selected notes are scaled separately, so if you select five notes and scale by 2 from start=0.5 to end=1.0 then it’ll double the pitch for the second half of all five notes.

Let me know if you stumble upon any bugs! I wrote this script a few months ago but haven’t gotten around to posting it here until now. Personally, I like to have this bound to a hot key and use it in tandem with Auto Pitch (usually to reduce vibrato).

Download: Google Drive


That’s pretty useful. Thank you for sharing it :smiley:

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I tried using your script (thanks for it) and it only seems to work where I’ve already altered the pitch and it effects the parameter window and it’s hard to predict what it will do the pitch of the note. When I try it on a selected note where I have not already altered the pitch it seems to have no effect. Is there something I need to do besides select the note and use the script? Any idea of what I may be doing wrong?

It’s a great idea. If I can get it to work it will be really useful taming vibrato.

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Scripts cannot modify Instant Mode settings.

If you want to use a script to affect pitch deviations added by instant mode you first need to disable it so that those pitch deviations are moved to the Parameters panel.


Thanks for answering that, claire!

The script only scales existing control points and Instant Mode does not add its changes to the pitch deviation curve unless it’s disabled, so that solution is correct.

There’s also the case where a note may have its pitch modified without any control points if you have non-zero control points before or after it. I’ve update the script to add control points to the start and end to address this case. It won’t fix the issue discussed above but the behavior should be more correct now.

I can’t update the original post anymore so the link will unfortunately still say Nov 2022, but the file is updated. xP

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Thanks Claire. That was it.

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