Full synth-V Choir! - "Their Heart's Were Full of Spring

Synth-V Choir - “Their Hearts Were Full of Spring”

I tried assembling a large number of Synth-V voices in a choral track (using Solaria, Natalie, Mai, Kevin, Ninezero & Asterian) and made 32 tracks (8 on each part). No singer is the same as any other, different voice, tone color, settings, breathiness, panning, tuning, etc. I used Melodyne to randomly alter the timing and pitch of some of the tracks to make it sound fuller. This is not too bad, and just the addition of Ninezero and Mai to my previous use of only four singers helps a lot. A few more English singers, and this will be even better.


No words! as usual you did a wonderful job. I love it. Congrats again! :clap:

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Fantastic. I love it

Great - I like it a lot…

Only just seen this one - amazing! An interesting use of Melodyne to add fulness rather than to fix defects.

Very impressive. The beginning has a quality that reminded me of the groups 5th Dimension and Swingle Singers.

Fantastic work, congrats ! I didn’t think one could achieve such a realistic choir in harmony, but I can see the process is huge to get this result.