Please Bring Back Visual Aid For The Paramater Tool πŸ™

Working with the 1.8.1 update and sometimes with previous versions. I have noticed a problem where I am trying to work for paramaters for notes only to have no idea of there they start or begin. Now most people just eye this or scroll the notes down to the paramater tool, but it gets tedious. Annoying at times.

So please, find a way to bring back visual aid to the paramater tool. :pleading_face::point_right::point_left:

If you need Ideas on how to possibly add this back without making it too cluttered looking:
1- Create line sparations that aren’t too contrasting compared to the paramater tool. It will still allow the paramater lines to be the brightest part, but allso allow a slight separation for notes.

2- Have the paramater tool have outlined note blocks. Probably not the best option of design but it’s definitely one option.

3- Allow an option to edit paramaters on the notes. We might already have a paramater tool but an option to edit the paramaters like pitch on the notes would not only allow the paramater tool to be kept minimal, but allow for faster and less annoying editing. Though this could mean getting rid of the paramater panel.

I’m no professional designer so I can’t recommend/come up with the best ideas to keep the UI minimal. But I really want to have visual aid back. It would make paramater editiong so much more easier.

By the way, for those who don’t know what visual aid is, here’s a photo of it from R1: