Ability to copy midi notes across multiple tracks.

i have a ( virtual ) band of 4 girls. 1 lead and 3 harmonies. it would save loads of time ( and maybe quite easy to do ’ is to highlight ( eg a chorus ) the midi motes accoss all singers ( maybe in the top,section ) and copy an entire section of a song for all singers. At the moment, if you want to block copy eg a chorus over more than one singer to another part of the song, you have to do each singer one at a time, and it’s really clunky. Takes ages…

Also, would be great to have a harmony track, based on a main track, where you dont have to type all the lyrics in again.

Also, can we make the bar grid lines a bit more prominent at the start of each bar? Change colours etc.

That would,be great.

If you group the notes you can easily copy them in the Arrangement panel.

Hold ctrl when clicking the groups to select more than one at a time, then copy and paste them elsewhere in the arrangement.

You can read more about groups here: