Project timeline offset when merging into a new DAW project?

Hi All. After a couple of days looking at the basic verson I just acquired Synthesiser V Pro version yesterday and am enjoying building my first vocal project with it. Loving it and learning a lot… I’ve been using it as a plugin on an instrument track within Cubase.

I now have a test project with 4 tracks of vocals, about 7 minutes long with multiple tempo and signature changes, built over a cut-down copy version of a vocal section from an existing much longer Cubase project. The SV plugin follows the tempo fine but I haven’t found a way to make it follow any signature changes other than by putting them in manually. That’s no huge deal but it’s a little time consuming.

The original Cubase project has about 200 bars of constantly changing tempos and signatures before the vocal section, which for ease I’d chopped of the beginning of this test copy project, so the vocal now starts at bar 5 in the test project whereas in the original it’s at about bar 230

I’d assumed I could just import the plugin track from ithis cut-down test project into the original project (I do this quite often in Cubase with other VSTi tracks) and then drag it to line up in the new, proper position, but don’t seem to be able to do that with this, everything just stays at bar 5! … will I have to drag each vocal track around individually in the SV project then add 200 bars of silence with those 50 or signature changes to get things lining up, or is there a quicker way? It would be easy to render and import the vocals as audio of course but it would be nice to be able to keep editing some more.

I must say I never expected to be getting any such useful results after just a few hours, otherwise I’d just have started straight away in the main project!

Unfortunately it can vary with each DAW just how well SynthV Studio is able to match tempo changes, but you should first try selecting “Synchronize Tempo with Host” to see if that will detect the correct tempos.


You will likely need to add time signature changes manually though, and possibly some or all of the tempo changes.

Note that SynthV Studio cannot do gradual tempo changes, and there’s no way to add a global “offset” or set the start to be something other than the first measure.

Maybe in the future once everyone has implemented ARA2 this will be easier, but for now it’s definitely a limitation.


Thanks, That’s pretty much as I expected. I had found the synchronise tempo option thanks to the very useful unofficial manual and the tempo changes do seem to be working ok for me. It never occurred to me about tempo ramps though - by chance this project I chose(or at least the bit I cut out to work with) for a first go only has jump changes! The signature issue is not unexpected as it’s the same as with a Superior Drummer Project etc, except with that I can just drag the midi into the DAW’s instrument track and work from there.

Agreed, ARA2 has made a huge difference in other areas for me such as when using Spectralayers or Vocalign.

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