how to export imn .wav please?

I want to export my tracks in cubase in .wav is it possible?

Are you asking how to export the wav file from SynthV Studio, or how to render your Cubase project?

If you are trying to render SynthV Studio’s output and import the wav file to Cubase then this is done with the Render panel at the side of the application. Once rendering has finished, drag or import the wav file from your file system into your DAW just like any other sample/recording.

You can also try using Cubase’s “Render in Place” function to bounce the waveform directly to a track in your DAW, however keep in mind this does not do a final render using SynthV Studio, it just exports the audio preview you hear when editing.

If you are trying to render your Cubase project you should follow the steps in the Cubase documentation:


thank you !