Projects not saving within Reaper DAW

I opened my Reaper project file today and found that the hour of work I did yesterday failed to save within Reaper. When saving the DAW project file, can we expect the progress made in Synthesizer V will also save or is it necessary to save each SynthV plug-in individually or even to their own file?
If it doesn’t save with the DAW project file then it should have a warning that the data will be lost.

That depends on which option you have selected under the File menu.

If you select “Save Inside Host” then the SVP will be embedded within your DAW’s project file.

If you select “Save to External File” you can specify a separate SVP file on your computer.


In both cases the file should be saved whenever your save the DAW project, though personally I always press ctrl+S in both the DAW and the SynthV Studio window before I close the software, just to be safe.

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