OPINION: 9-Zero sounds (super) campy at first, but... he's actually kind of fire????🔥

At the first few listens, I thought 9zero sounded kind of… Silly. Well, it’s something about his ‘enunciation’ I think. I find his enunciation to be overly pronounced, even moreso than Kevin (who improved a lot when relaxed consonants came out, and even more as we got more updates!) and that 9-z sings in that sort of style that a lot of pop - rock singers used to sing in… Linkin Park comes to mind :sweat_smile:

Not necessarily a bad thing! Just seems a little niche to me. But now that I’ve heard more usage of him, I think actually he’s probably not as campy as I thought, as long as you use him for suitable songs!

PLUS it’s absolutely important to have lots of different voice types to choose from. In general, the vocal-synth community hasn’t really had a 90s/2000s rock lead type of voice at all. I REALLY hope we might get something more growl-y or screamo-y in the future!!

JUST THINK ABOUT IT: Scream-o / metal is a distinct and rich genre, but it’s so difficult to sing like that! I’d imagine if they made a scream-o voice, it may be handy for metal artists to make drafts of their songs, or sketch out lyrical ideas, even if they didn’t necessarily want to use an AI singer for the final version.

Ninezero represents a step in the right direction, I think!


I purchased 9zero because your post intrigued me!

Otherwise, I too, had my doubts.


NIIIIIIIICE :ok_hand: Yeah 9Z is doing his own damn thing alright.

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